This is NOT a normal French book


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Having spent more than 15 years teaching French around the world, ‘This is Not a Normal French Book’, written and illustrated by Muriel Lauvige, represents her experience with students learning the basics of French and what students have taught her along the way.

Each chapter covers a typical situation that people come across everyday.

Using a dialogue between two characters, this includes ordering at a restaurant, shopping in a market, working in an office, meeting the doctor, making an appointment over the phone, and talking to a neighbour.

The combination of colorful images and short dialogues will teach you what French people really say and give you words to finally respond to them.



This book combines the latest insights from neuro linguistics with the great French tradition of illustrated books for adults – making learning French both easy and playful.
– John-Paul Flintoff, Journalist and writer for the Sunday Times

Great book… Simple and practical – the pictures make it a lot of fun to read! I have learned more by reading it than by taking a class to learn all the French grammar.
– Annie Lau, Retiree and Language Enthusiast

What I like most about the book is that it focuses on the most useful daily interactions. The book demonstrates it in an easy to understand way – making learning French fun and easy.
– Brian Kwong, Creator of the ‘Genius Lab’ language App

In this unique book we find examples of important situations in everyday life of living in a French speaking country. The combination and repitition of pictures and important words and phrases makes memorizing and understanding the material better.
– Dr. Katharina Schnitzspahn, Specialist in cognitive and memory development, University of Geneva


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