The Book

This is NOT a Normal French Book

Written and illustrated by Muriel Lauvige


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[small_title header_text=”This book is for you if…”]

You don’t know what to say to your neighbour.

You want to shop in a market.

You have a meeting with the doctor.

You want to make an appointment over the phone.

You can’t answer “how would you like your steak?” in the restaurant

… and more!



[small_title header_text=”Each chapter covers a typical situation people come across everyday.”]

Using a dialogue between two characters, this includes ordering at a restaurant, shopping in a market, working in an office, meeting the doctor, making an appointment over the phone, and talking to a neighbour. The combination of colorful images and short dialogues will teach you what French people really say and give you words to finally respond to them.



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[small_title header_text=”Why?”]

Having spent more than 15 years teaching French around the world, ‘This is Not a Normal French Book’ represents Muriel’s experience with students learning the basics of French and what they’ve taught her along the way.



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Listen to the dialog, scenarios, and vocabulary that are covered in the book!

Download the French audio (MP3/40MB) to go along with the book.

Télécharger l’audio en anglais (MP3/20MB) si vous avez déjà acheté le livre.