Our first experience with a marketplace!


We’re so happy to have been a part of the Women Entrepreneur Network and their Fair that took place in Nyon today. We arrived at the exhibition space hosted by the Beau Rivage hotel in the small town 15-minute by train outside of Geneva. It was our first time being a part of a fair (they have a Facebook page) like this and it was inspiring to see all the creativity and drive from women in the area doing things they love.


It was a perfect day – the sun was shining and in good company. There were over thirty market stalls showcasing everything from handmade jewellery, doorknob pottery, cupcakes made into flower bouquets, to welsh cakes. These stalls surrounded us and it was a great to get to know them. At the same time, since many people were expatriates they were also curious about French My Way’s aim of making learning French fun.


It was really great to meet so many women who were learning French and hear more about their challenges speaking French. Most of them were taking group lessons but were scared of speaking to “real Swiss or French people”. We listened to them and encouraged them to set simple and realistic goals for themselves. Speaking a foreign language is exactly the same as preparing for a marathon. If you try to run 42 K without benchmarks you set yourself for failure. Think long term and celebrate each and every progress. Depending on your level, set yourself some exciting challenges. What is your aim for this week, this month, the next three months?

We love learning and it was a great experience for us – We’re already thinking of the next market and fair we can be a part of.

We were also really happy to discuss our upcoming flashcards project with the great women we met at the fair. Do you think it would be a practical way to learn and revise new verbs and words? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



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