How to use a blog to learn a language?

How can we use technology to help us learn languages? It’s a question I always ask myself. I think I found a good solution with Tumblr. 

I am always learning new vocabulary. In the past I used to write it on post-it notes, note books or a random piece of paper. The problem was I never kept track of my notebooks and could not find my post-it notes. It was not that effective. On the other hand, I started using Tumblr as a photo blog. And suddenly I figured out that I could also use it to keep track of my vocabulary in one place and access it whenever I needed it.

The image above is an example of a Tumblr blog that I set up for one of my student to learn French. Not only can we share photos and words to keep track of what we learn together, my student can also use it as an online learning diary. Tumblr is really flexible and easy to use. I hope you take advantage of the new technology to learn. Let me know if you have another creative way to learn a language. 

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