A new project to help you speak your mind

Have you ever had the problem of learning verbs but not knowing how to use them in past and future tense? It’s a pain in the a$$ because what we normally learn is not very useful when it comes to conversation. Language is fluid and dynamic and we hear it all the time that people are frustrated when they can’t speak their minds.

For that reason, we’re currently working on a new and exciting project which we plan to launch next year… this idea came from exactly the experience we just mentioned – knowing the basics of what to say, but not having the basic grammar and tenses to communicate what’s on your mind. We’re planning to produce illustrated flash cards of high frequency verbs that will have everything you need in one place. We’re collaborating with a UK-based illustrator to come up with simple yet visual products you can take with you to work or on a vacation to help you speak French. We’re in the early stages, so let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.




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