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This is NOT a normal French book

This is NOT a Normal French Book
THE essential book to learn French... The combination of colorful images and short dialogues will teach you what French people really say and give you words to finally respond to them.

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A Stroll in the Park

A Stroll in the Park

Love French language or French designs? This notebook features unique artwork and photography that will inspire as you fill it with your ideas, notes and dreams. Buy the book on Blurb from US $19.50


A stroll in the park
A stroll in th...
Today's going ...
By French My Way

Photo book

Super French
Coming Soon!

We're working on more unique, artistic, and fun products from the mind of Muriel Lauvige! Visit us often and stay tuned...

Les vêtements / Clothing

Les vêtements / Clothing
A wonderfully illustrated mind map to help you remember how to describe your fashion style in French!

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La météo / The weather

La météo / The weather
Who doesn't talk about the weather? Here's a creative way to remember it!

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Les loisirs / Hobbies

Les loisirs / Hobbies
This is one of the original mind maps created by French My Way which is also published in the 2nd edition of Français Voie Active 3 by Belgium publishers VAN IN!

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