We’re in Français Voie Active!

One of the original mind maps created by French My Way is now published in the 2nd edition of Français Voie Active 3 by Belgium publishers VAN IN!

Since 1883, VAN IN has dedicated herself almost exclusively to the production of textbooks and teaching materials. Today VAN IN is the market leader in the educational publishing sector in Belgium. VAN IN publishes dedicated learning materials for primary and secondary education in Dutch and French speaking parts of Belgium.


We were quite happy to hear from VAN IN and their interest in our mind maps. They are a great way to learn as they visually organize information to show hierarchy and relationships as it relates to a concept or idea. The mind map (La carte mentale) that VAN IN chose to include in their latest edition of their highly popular French textbook is about hobbies. It’s included in the Activités D’Apprentissage book for an activity to learn how to interview for radio or television.

Les loisirs / Hobbies
Les loisirs / Hobbies

This mind map was originally created as a series of mind maps to help students learn how to combine imagery with practical phrases and vocabulary. Using illustrated visuals and simple grammar, the mind map helps you to quickly learn how to tell someone in French your favorite hobbies.

We plan to make this mind map as well as other illustrations available in various products – Visit our store for more to come!


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