Know-it-all passport profiles our new book!

We’re delighted that Know-it-all passport profiled our This is Not a Normal French Book! Even before the ink has dried on the book, we were happy to talk to them about our book, why we did it, and how it can help newcomers to Geneva (or French learners everywhere) to learn French.


Here’s a small sample from their interview with us:

With its own unique blend of text and comic visuals, this highly colorful publication does not fall into the usual category of books for learning French – indeed each page has been carefully designed to make French as easy and fun to learn as possible. It is filled with comic characters and ready-to-use sentences, and contains just 500 of what Muriel’s research has led her to conclude are some of the most high frequency words in French.

Know-it-all passport is the ultimate English-language guide for the Geneva, Vaud and neighboring France areas. It’s already in it’s 9th edition with more than 50 chapters of everything you ever needed to know about living in Switzerland. First published in 1999, it has become THE reference book for shopping, housing and education, where to hold a birthday party, places to eat, night life, all about chocolate, and local information.


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