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Most people are looking for resources to help them learn to speak French. There are so many ways to learn a language and you can easily take advantage of the wide range of free things you can find online. One of the most interesting way is to listen to videos and hear spoken language. Watching movies can be difficult at the beginning, so it is easier to concentrate on short videos a few minutes long. You can find a good variety on this website called Authentic French, téléchargementthe great thing about these videos is that they offer a wide range of French accents, not only from France but also from Québec, Switzerland, Belgium, Tahiti and Sénégal, because remember: French is spoken in many different countries and the accents are can vary from one country to another, it almost sounds like a different language!

Once I watched a film from Québec and it took me a few minutes to understand what the actors were saying. I always like to hear different accents in the same language, it feels like an instant trip somewhere else and it’s free! Just a few minutes a day makes a big difference.  Like for everything else practice makes perfect. Schedule 5 to 10 minutes each day at the same time, for example, just before or after lunch time to listen to short videos.

Bonne écoute!


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