• Quoi d'neuf?
  • Does French make you nervous?
  • Then this book is for you...

This book combines the latest insights from neuro linguistics with the great French tradition of illustrated books for adults – making learning French both easy and playful.

- John-Paul Flintoff, Journalist and writer for the Sunday Times -

The Book

This is NOT a Normal French Book

Written and illustrated by Muriel Lauvige

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This book is for you if…

You don’t know what to say to your neighbour.

You want to shop in a market.

You have a meeting with the doctor.

You want to make an appointment over the phone.

You can’t answer “how would you like your steak?” in the restaurant

… and more!

Each chapter covers a typical situation people come across everyday.

Using a dialogue between two characters, this includes ordering at a restaurant, shopping in a market, working in an office, meeting the doctor, making an appointment over the phone, and talking to a neighbour. The combination of colorful images and short dialogues will teach you what French people really say and give you words to finally respond to them.


Having spent more than 15 years teaching French around the world, ‘This is Not a Normal French Book’ represents Muriel’s experience with students learning the basics of French and what they’ve taught her along the way.

Listen or Download

Listen to the dialog, scenarios, and vocabulary that are covered in the book!

Download the French audio (MP3/40MB) to go along with the book.

Télécharger l’audio en anglais (MP3/20MB) si vous avez déjà acheté le livre.


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Learning French shouldn’t be a chore.

We make learning french fun for you.

About us

Muriel Lauvige, Language and Education Specialist
French My Way was created by Muriel Lauvige (1978-2015)

With over 10 years of experience teaching French to youth and adults in England, Ireland, Jamaica, Indonesia, Thailand and Fiji, Muriel has shared her love of the language and culture around the world. She graduated with a double Masters Degree from France and the UK in French Linguistics and Teaching French as a Foreign Language, and also has a Masters from London University in Education.

Sadly Muriel passed away in 2015 and leaves behind her husband and daughter. All sales of “This is Not a Normal French Book” will go towards supporting her family. Learn more about Muriel in her husband’s tribute to her.